Central aircon systems are undoubtedly an excellent way to cool or heat entire homes. But what happens if you have an unused room or conflicting temperature preferences among your family members? Even though this sounds unlikely, it’s quite trivial. What’s more, the chances are high that you have to deal with cold and hot spots around the house continually.

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What’s more, these factors can cause massive discomfort. Luckily, there’s a solution. Single-room heating and cooling systems are practical and allow individual temperature settings for every room with a quick and easy installation. Since there are several single-room aircon options, it’s good to have some basic knowledge of their advantages and disadvantages.

Ductless Aircon Units

Ductless mini-split aircon systems are perhaps, the most popular in this category. They are compact and versatile and can heat or cool a room accordingly. The main advantage of this type of aircon unit is that they don’t employ any ductwork.

Since the system extracts the heat rather than generating it, these air conditioners are highly efficient. The main configuration consists of an indoor fan unit and an outdoor compressor. They are connected via a conduit transferring the refrigerant through a small 3-inch hole in the wall. The aircon installation of a ductless aircon system is quick and easy. However, it’s better to get it done by a professional aircon technician. In other words, prepare yourself for a considerable upfront investment.

Multi-split ductless aircon systems can connect up to four indoor units with separate thermostats and a single outdoor unit. Last but not least, it’s essential to know that recent models have introduced a new refrigerant called R410A. It’s environmentally friendly, and it doesn’t deplete the ozone. For further details, read the pros and cons of ductless aircon systems.

Window Aircon Units

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, window aircon units are very economical in terms of upfront costs. Their main advantage is that they are portable and simple to use. The window aircon system has to be the most familiar and common type of aircon unit. And it’s specially designed for single-room use.

Even though window units are affordable and easy to install, there are some disadvantages that homeowners need to bear in mind. The biggest drawback is their low energy efficiency. If you plan on using this aircon daily, then prepare to pay a lot more when your electricity bill comes out. Moreover, they can only cool and tend to be quite noisy at doing that.

If you still decide to go for a window aircon system, then you should carefully size it according to the space you want to cool. Otherwise, you risk ending up with an impractical and costly option that will do no good for your comfort. For this reason, you should ask your aircon technician for assistance in picking the right model and size.

Portable Aircon Units

As the name suggests, portable aircon units are similar to portable heaters. The only difference is that they can be used to cool any room in your house. Typically, these systems cost more than window units. They are similar in that they are both self-contained units. However, their advantage over window air conditioners is that they don’t need to be integrated into a wall or window, thus making them more aesthetically appealing.

You can easily place your portable unit on the floor and move it around when needed. Its mobility allows the homeowner to use it even in smaller spaces, where every inch is valuable. Portable aircon systems operate by drawing the warm air and the moisture from the room and letting it out through a drain hose and a window kit. In other words, you’ll have to make use of a vent system.

Some models come with a removable container that collects the water from the moisture. And this is one of the main perks of having a portable aircon unit at home. It not only serves as a cooling system, but it can also serve as a humidifier. The easy setup, compact size, and unrestricted use are ideal for spaces where there’s virtually no way to install a window aircon system. On the other hand, don’t expect too much from these units as they can cool only the surrounding space. Also, bear in mind that you’ll have to continually drain the collected drain the water accumulated from the condensation.

Final Thoughts

By now, you’ve probably decided on what type of aircon system to buy for your room.  Regardless of your choice, you’d ultimately want to keep your air conditioner in perfect condition. Your unit has to go through regular maintenance checks, preferably done by qualified aircon technicians.

If you’ve completely missed out on this aspect of your aircon maintenance, you might still have the chance of reviving your system. Subcool is a Singapore-based aircon servicing company that specializes in all aircon services, including:

Our list of procedures includes a thorough inspection of all units and parts of your system. Accompanied by a chemical washing procedure, the company’s technicians will make your machine as efficient as new in no time. Contact us for aircon servicing today!

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