Aircon Gas Top Up Service

Gas leaks can happen to your aircon unit after prolong usage, and it usually affects your air-conditioning’s efficiency. Worse still, refrigerant chemical from the unit could be harmful to the environment if it contaminates the water system of your system.

When you feel your aircon is no longer cooling efficiently, it could be time to refill your aircon gas (or refrigerant). Sub Cool provides aircon gas refill services to restore the refrigerant storage of your aircon unit.

Types of Aircon Gas

There are two main types of gases used in your aircon system. They are:

  1. R22 Gas: This gas is widely used previously, but since then it has been classified as HFC and harmful to the environment (particularly it damages the ozone layer). Though effective, it is slowly being phased out by the new, more environmentally-friendly R410 gas in modern aircon units.
  2. R410 Gas: This type of gas is the newest refrigerant being used in air-conditioning units, and unlike R22, is not harmful to the environment when leaked. It is more efficient (more cooling power per unit) and can withstand higher pressure, hence more durable compared to R22 gases.

Our aircon gas top up prices are as follow

Gas Refill

$ $60 – $130
  • R22

Gas Refill

$ $80 – $130
  • R410A

Gas Top Up Process

Typically, gas top up services are being provided when you engage aircon servicing or repair services from us. Other times, you may need it when your aircon system no longer cools air efficiently (such as blowing out warm air). When such situations arise, a gas top up service is required and is best done by professionals.

The gas top up process are as follows:

  • Firstly, our professionals use a gauge to check for the gas (refrigerant) level residing in your aircon unit.
  • Next, our professionals will use a refrigerant tank to refill the gas in your unit to its optimal level.
  • Lastly, a check will be done to ensure the refrigerant in the unit has been restored.

Note: it’s not free but charge separately