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AC is an inseparable part of our life given the hot atmosphere of Singapore. But, for prolonged use, any Air Conditioning system can fail to function perfectly due to gas leakage. Additionally, it can be hazardous for the environment and contaminate drinking water too. Our team of qualified technicians at SubCool covers every area of air conditioner maintenance service including refrigerant recharge. So, if your air conditioning service is not cooling as efficiently as earlier, it could be time to seek professional help and SubCool is eager to be the helping hand on such occasions.

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An air con repairman visits your house and checks your aircon for leaks. If there aren’t any leaks, he puts on some special equipment to test the strength of your cooling system. If it is working properly, he attaches a hose to your Aircon intake and feeds some gas into the system. This makes the compressor work much harder which in turn creates more heat. The extra heat forces the compressor to release cool refrigerant gas into the atmosphere.

The repairman watches the gas meter and notes how many cubic feet of gas are being released. He then calculates how many Btu’s (British Thermal Units) your system is putting out per hour and then tells you how many Btu’s your system is putting out per hour. What he does next is very interesting. He takes the information about how many Btu’s your system is putting out per hour and then multiplies it by 1,000 to come up with an estimate of how much energy your system is using every day. He then compares this number with the amount of energy your system is using every day when it is operating at full capacity.

Types of Aircon Gas Top Up

We use two types of gas to refill your aircon unit. They are:

  • R22 Gas: Although this gas had a predominant use in air conditioners before, it has harmful effects upon the environment and it is classified as an HFC gas that damages the ozone layer. Its use is gradually being replaced by environmentally sound R410 gas.
  • R410 Gas: This refrigerant is not only climate-friendly, but it is also energy-efficient. It has more cooling power per unit and can resist more pressure than R22 gas, hence more durable compared to it.


Our Gas refill Process

Gas restocking is a necessary step to renovate the cooling efficiency of an Aircon unit. Our team of trained professionals at SubCool follows three steps to complete the aircon gas top-up procedure.

  1. We use a gauge to check the gas level (amount of refrigerant) remaining in your air conditioner.
  2. Then, we use a refrigerant tank to refill the gas in your AC to its optimal level.
  3. Finally, we check again to ensure that the refrigerant is restored.

Usually, the refrigerant top-up service is provided when you order repair services from us (they charge separately). However, to acquire our refill service individually you can book our services through our official site or you can contact us on +6590650723 or mail us at

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