About Us

Who Are we?

Subcool Aircon has become a renowned brand with a number of awards and accolades for the superior quality of its workmanship. Our team of experts are available at affordable rates. Contact us for a free quotation. We’re one of the few companies in Singapore to be providing aircon engineering services to residents. We are also experienced in building energy efficient homes. We have helped many people in our area to save money, as well as helping the environment. If you are interested in these two topics, then we suggest you check out our website. For a professional subcool aircon service company in Singapore, contact us on+6590650723 at https://subcool.sg. If you have any queries or questions about the subcool air-con system, don’t hesitate to ask us! Our team of engineers is here to assist you in solving any problems.We are always ready to offer our services. You just need to fill out our contact form for a free quotation.

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Our Story

We started out as a team of like-minded people who strongly believe that thermal comfort is key to our daily life especially in Singapore with its summer-like weather all year round. We are equally keen in using technology to facilitate real time online booking and payment of your next aircon servicing with us. All you need is a credit/debit card to secure the booking. We are with you every steps from online booking to servicing at your place to after servicing feedback. Our team is made up of experienced and trained field aircon technicians with more than 10 years of servicing experience, and administrative crew with years of juggling multiple client bookings and ensuring that all feedbacks are attended to and closed with satisfaction. We focus on delivering a balance of effective aircon servicing and easy booking process to you – our valued client.

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Our Commitment

  • Integrated online booking and payment platform with the function to amend your appointment
  • Spotless and no mess after aircon servicing. Alert us immediately if you are unhappy with the condition we left behind and we will make it right for you
  • Cashless transaction via major credit cards with no credit card transaction fee
  • Option to receive appointment reminder via email, sms or e-calendar to ensure that you don’t your appointment

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