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Airconditioners are inseparable from our everyday life in Singapore as we live under a tropical climate. Because of this, high usage of airconditioning systems gradually leads to their wear and tear. Therefore it needs professional maintenance from time to time to recover the performance and revert the electricity consumption. Our team of qualified technicians at SubCool provides a trustworthy repair service that specializes in inspecting, uncovering, and troubleshooting any aircon issues. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal and we are proud to say that we thrive in it. Let us look at the common problems that require expert intervention.
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Our company has been in business since 2010 and we have been rated as one of the top companies in Singapore by AIRCON REPAIR GUARANTEE who are rated highly by Trusted trader, we are a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians who are able to repair any type of aircon. Our team is well versed in air conditioning system and know which one would be ideal for your home or commercial building. They will also advise on the right model and will install aircon correctly.

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