Aircon Repair Service

Air-conditioning systems are no longer separable from Singaporean’s lives. Given our hot, tropical climate, we use a lot of aircon and when it comes to high usage, it is common for our beloved systems to break down due to wear and tear. This is when you require an aircon repair service from a specialist. An aircon system is complex and usually require a professional to troubleshoot, inspect and find the issue.

Our Repair Services

  • On-site checking of errors codes from aircon unit
  • On-site dismantling aircon circuit board
  • Quotation for repair cost
  • Unit repairs conducted pending customer confirmation
  • On-site testing after repairs
  • Reinstallation of aircon circuit board

Aircon Repair Prices

Cost for PCB replacement depends on aircon model & subject to spare parts availability. You can check out our various aircon servicing price here

Onsite Troubleshoot Diagnosis

  • (waived if services are hired)

Copper Tube Replacement

From $200 onwards
  • (depends on length and duration)

Replacement of Electrical Wiring

From $200 onwards
  • (depends on length and duration)

Covered Air Conditioner

(contact for quotation)
  • Ducted/Ductless/Central AC

Replace PCB

(contact for quotation)
  • (depends on availability)

Common Problems To Engage Repair

  • There are many things which will require you to engage a professional repair service. We cover a few of the more common ones we encounter which typically require expert help:

    • Aircon leakages: Without a maintenance service, your system will slowly wear out and problems such as water leaking start to surface.
    • Replacing fan motor: The fan motor keeps the compressor from overheating, and it can eventually break down after years of usage.
    • Replacing thermostat: With a faulty thermostat, your unit will not be able to detect the right temperature, causing problems such as aircon blowing out hot air or consuming a lot of electricity.
    • Replacing Circuit Board: Over time, continuous usage or the air-conditioning system may damage the circuit board and require replacement. This may be due to sudden surge in voltage which can damage the board itself.
    • Replacing condenser: If your aircon unit constantly break down and require repair, the condenser may be the one that is faulty. You will require a professional to replace it.

Scope of Work

  • 1. dismantle fan coil cover & filters, spray wash filters with water, wash clean dry covers,
    2. brush clean & vacuum fan coils & evaporators,
    3. detach wash & vacuum water trays and clear-clean drain pans,
    4. dismantle wash & clean fan blowers & blades or rotors,
    5. suction of the water condensation drainage pipes to clear algae or any foreign objects within the pipes so as to prevent water leakage (at fcu & drainage end),
    6. wipe clean and dry entire aircon components using clean dry cloths,
    7. assemble aircon components back to original position,
    8. analyse condition of fan coil units & outdoor CU,
    9. check to clear dust or dirt blocking outdoor CU functionality,
    10. check all electrical components of fcu & CUs,
    11. check settings and aircon operating condition,
    12. check refrigerants
    13. test run to ensure all systems go.