Airconditioners are inseparable from our everyday life in Singapore as we live under a tropical climate. Because of this, high usage of airconditioning systems gradually leads to their wear and tear. Therefore it needs professional maintenance from time to time to recover the performance and revert the electricity consumption. Our team of qualified technicians at SubCool provides a trustworthy repair service that specializes in inspecting, uncovering, and troubleshooting any aircon issues. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal and we are proud to say that we thrive in it. Let us look at the common problems that require expert intervention.

Onsite Troubleshoot Diagnosis

  • (waived if services are hired)

Copper Tube Replacement

From $200 onwards
  • (depends on length and duration)

Replacement of Electrical Wiring

From $200 onwards
  • (depends on length and duration)

Covered Air Conditioner

(contact for quotation)
  • Ducted/Ductless/Central AC

Replace PCB

(contact for quotation)
  • (depends on availability)
aircon repair service singaore
aircon repair service singaore
aircon repair service singaore

Aircon Repair Singapore Prices:

We provide a wide margin of service all of which are of reasonable price and guarantee customer satisfaction. Check out the price of our packages here

  • Onsite Troubleshoot Diagnosis:

    Costs only $40. Moreover, the service charge is waived if other services are hired.
  • Copper Tube Replacement:

    Starts from $200. The price depends on the length of the required tube and the duration of replacement.
  • Electrical Wiring replacement:

    Starts from $200. This service also depends on the wire length and duration of the replacement.
  • Covered Air Conditioner:

    Contact us for a quotation. Price varies for different brands and is applicable for ducted, ductless, or Central AC.
  • Replace PCB:

    As the Printed Circuit Board varies from brand to brand, the price also depends on the model and you need to contact us for checking availability and a quotation.

Common Aircon Issues Of Aircon Repair:

  • Aircon Leakages:

    Water leakage is the most usual problem we encounter in an aircon and for prolonged use this problem is inevitable. Water leaking starts to surface and if you don’t attend it soon it can lead to mechanical failures.

  • Fan motor disruptions:

    It keeps the compressor from overheating. But the fan motor functionality decreases continuously. It is wise to replace or repair motors for safety matters and performance issues.

  • Defective thermostat:

    The right temperature can not be detected with a faulty thermostat and you will notice that your AC is blowing out warm air instead and consuming high electricity.

  • Circuit Board issues:

    Circuit boards can be damaged for long time use or any sudden change in voltage. This issue disables the Aircon unit entirely most of the time. Without replacing it you will be unable to run your air conditioning system.

  • Condenser defects:

    If your aircon unit needs to be maintained frequently for better performance defects can subside within the condenser and needs to be replaced to get rid of such issues.

Our trained technicians will find out the aforementioned issues along with any other problems you might not notice. If your aircon has undergone long use without servicing it is best you choose our team of experts to inspect it thoroughly.

SubCool Aircon Repair Services:

  • On-the-spot checking of error codes of air conditioners of any brand.
  • Professional dismantling to do a thorough check on the circuit board.
  • Estimation of the overall repair cost.
  • Unit repairs are then conducted after customer confirmation.
  • Onsite testing of the aircon unit after repairs.
  • Reinstallation of the aircon unit.

Our Range of Aircon Repair Service Singapore

Our team at SubCool provides the best aircon repair service at a reasonable price. Here is what we can do for you:

  • Dismantling fan coil cover, filters, blowers, rotors.
  • Spray washing filters and dry cleaning covers.
  • Detach wash & vacuum water trays.
  • Unclog and clean drain pans.
  • Wash & clean fan blowers & blades.
  • Water condensation drainage pipe suction and clearing any obstructions to prevent water leakage at FCU and Drainage system.
  • Wipe and dry each aircon part with utmost care.
  • Analyze the condition of fan coil units & outdoor CU.
  • Check to clear dust blocking outdoor CU functionality.
  • Check all electrical components of FCU & CUs.
  • Check settings and aircon operating conditions.
  • Check refrigerants.
  • Assemble aircon components back to the original formation.
  • Test run on-spot to ensure all systems are alright.

Aircon Repair Services Singapore: how aircon repair work is done

Sub Cool is the best aircon repair service company in Singapore. We are the leading provider of aircon service for cooling, heating, and ventilation equipment. Our team of engineers are all professionals, with years of experience in the field of HVAC repair. We have all the latest machines and tools for repairing aircon units. From installing and fixing split pipes and ductwork to replacing AC condensers and compressors. Our aircon repair services are second to none.

Our hard work to meet the expectations of our clients. To ensure that they get the best quality services, we have made sure that our workers are highly trained and our services are prompt and reliable.

How Our Aircon Repair Services Work?

Before we start any repairs, we would first ask you if you are interested in a full repair or an inspection only. If it is a repair, we will also ask you which part has been broken down.

Sub Cool aircon servicing Singapore‘s will be able to fix any issue you might have with your air conditioner. Our team of professionals will do the best job possible to fix it. You can rest assured that your system is in safe hands. We will come and diagnose it and give you the solution. They will get your system ready to use again so that you do not have to face any inconveniences due to a broken system. They will check whether there are problems and if there are any, they will fix it for you as soon as possible.

Air conditioning repair services are available from a specialist

Our specialists will fix your air conditioner and provide expert advice. We will also check if any repairs are needed and make recommendations for future maintenance. All our work comes with a guarantee. Contact us today!

We’re going to Repair your aircon in the best way possible. We’ll repair it so it’s as good as new! We will also do the chemical wash or fill aircon gas top up of depending on the situation.

Repair and replacement of condensers, compressors, fans and motors, etc

We aimed to provide the best quality replacement parts, in all forms, for various components such as air conditioning compressors, motors If you have a broken part or a missing part, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help you.

How to find the best company for aircon repair?

Our company has been in business since 2010 and we have been rated as one of the top companies in Singapore by AIRCON REPAIR GUARANTEE who are rated highly by Trusted trader,  we are a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians who are able to repair any type of aircon. Our team is well versed in air conditioning system and know which one would be ideal for your home or commercial building. They will also advise on the right model and will install aircon correctly.