Chemical Wash

(Wall Mounted)
$70 per unit

Chemical Overhaul

(Wall Mounted)
$150 for 1 unit
  • $120 per unit for 2 units and above

Chemical Overhaul

$380-450 per unit

Ordourless Medicine Cleaning

(Wall Mounted)
$90 per unit
Aircon Chemical Overhaul Service Singapore
Aircon Chemical Overhaul Service Singapore
Aircon Chemical Overhaul Service Singapore
Aircon Chemical Overhaul Service Singapore
Aircon Chemical Wash Singapore Services
Aircon Chemical cleaning

What is the chemical wash aircon?

The chemical wash aircon uses a chemical process to clean the air inside the aircon. This process uses a variety of different chemicals to remove dirt, dust, and other particles from the air. You can deeply read here about what is aircon chemical wash?

Why should we cleaning aircon?

Cleaning an air conditioning unit is a good way to keep it running smoothly and to keep the air clean. But how do you know if your air conditioner is in need of cleaning? There are many signs that you can look for, and this includes some of the most common ones. The first sign of needing cleaning is if you see any of the following: 1. Dust Dust is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to dirty air in your home. It can accumulate in every corner of your house and can easily be blown around by the wind.

What is the aircon chemical cleaner?

The aircon chemical cleaner is a type of cleaner used to clean air conditioning systems. It is a mixture of water, ammonia, and detergent that is sprayed onto the system’s coils to clean them.

If you are looking for an aircon cleaner company in Singapore, you can contact Clean Master. We are a professional aircon cleaner company that has been providing high-quality aircon cleaning services to residents and businesses in Singapore for over 10 years.

Occasionally a general aircon servicing and spray washing are not enough for the aircon to cool air sufficiently, as minute sediments get stuck and the ducts get clogged up by adhesive particles day by day that are impossible to remove by water wash. In such instances, you will need expert washing with chemicals or a more thorough cleaning process known as the chemical overhaul. 

SubCool provides expert chemical wash and overhaul services to enhance the performance and tidiness of your aircon units.

Our Aircon Chemical Wash Price and Chemical Overhaul Price:

Compared to other professional aircon maintenance and cleaning services, chemical wash and overhaul costs more as we do precise cleaning of the components using our exclusive chemical-based solution. Here are full our service charges:

  • Chemical Wash of Wall-mounted aircon:

    Costs $70 per unit.

  • Chemical Overhaul of Wall-mounted aircon:

    Costs $150 for one unit. It costs $120 per unit in case you order service for two or more units. This service is backed by a three months warranty.

  • Chemical Overhaul of Cassette aircon:

    Costs $380 to $450 per unit and is backed by a three months warranty.

  • Odorless Medicine Cleaning for Wall-mounted system:

    Costs $90 per unit.

SubCool Aircon Chemical Wash Singapore Process:

Our team of trained technicians equipped with high-tech cleaning gadgets provides a neat chemical wash service that includes opening of the front cover of your aircon unit and washing, spraying chemicals, and cleaning the coil. However, we do this without dismantling the whole unit. However, it gives sufficient advantage in performance and the AC is usually 80% clean after this wash. The main parts of the unit are cleaned in this way using a peculiar chemical solution so we focus on aircon pieces such as the fan-coil, water trays, and air filters and thoroughly clean them. This procedure only takes about sixty minutes.

SubCool Aircon Chemical Overhaul Singapore Process:

Our chemical overhaul service is a more thorough cleaning process of your aircon unit including an in-depth rinse of stubborn particles in your delicate cooling system as well as decontamination of bacterias residing within it. We dismantle every piece of air conditioner and clean them minutely with our exclusive chemical solution. Our overhaul service is covered by a three months warranty. And as the unit is cleaned 100% in this way, its cooling performance gets far better. This thorough overhaul procedure removes the most stubborn of stains, and you will get better airflow, efficient power usage (decreasing electric bills significantly), and fresher air.

Our chemical overhaul procedure involves courses of actions presented hereunder:

  • Disassembling each individual unit of the aircon system. (e.g. fan coil, EC, components of PCB)
  • Rigorous cleaning of the evaporator coils, external panels, and covers.
  • Cleaning and dressing of air filters, blower wheels, and fan blades.
  • Rinsing of condensation water drainage pan.
  • Chemical flushing of drainage pipes to remove all cloggings, bacteria, odors, and sticky materials.
  • Inspection of the electrical wiring and reassembling the whole system and checking functionalities on-site.

If you have any problem in your unit and want to adjust it then you can visit our aircon repair service page and check what type of problem you are facing also you can mail us with you issues we shall help you in troubleshooting.

The Overhaul service is particularly useful for individuals who have allergies or want to live healthier and require cleaner air to breathe. We recommend you reserve our overhaul service once every year to ensure the maximum efficiency and greater lifespan of your aircon unit.

To acquire any of our services you can reserve our team of experts you can book us by our official site or contact us at +6590650723 or mail us at We are eager to provide each of our aircon services with utmost care. Your satisfaction is our goal.

Advantages of Chemical wash for aircon

Did you know that using chemical wash your aircon system can actually extend its life by as much as 50%. And the cleaner you use, the longer your AC will last! That’s one advantage of chemical wash over regular soap and water. Another advantage is the smell. Chemicals wash have no odors whatsoever. So you never have to worry about gazillions of washers ruining your olfactory senses.

We at Sub Cool Singapore offer a 100% Aircon chemical wash system for all our aircon units. This is different from the usual vinegar/water method employed by most homeowners. Our system is actually based on a proven formula that has been used in Singapore for over 10 years. It’s simple… it works… and it’s faster and much more effective than using vinegar or other traditional methods. Our aircon chemical wash system will extend the life of your ac unit by an average of 50%… and… it will also make it run more efficiently.

How often should you do aircon chemical wash?

Dirty or filthy air conditioning systems may experience several problems. First, the dirt and dust may cause a reduction in the efficiency of the aircon system. This is particularly true if the owner fails to clean the system on a regular basis. Over time, the buildup of dirt, dust, and pollen can actually clog up the system. In some cases, this may necessitate the replacement of one or more of the system’s parts. A dirty or filthy air conditioning component will also affect your aircon system interior. Over time, the dirt and dust will settle on the surfaces inside your aircon.

Aircon Chemical wash vs regular washing

We get asked all the time about whether it’s better to clean your air conditioning unit with a chemical wash or with a simple wash. The answer is… it doesn’t matter. Either way, you should test your air conditioner at least once in three months to make sure it’s working properly. Why? Simply because dust and dirt buildup in your AC unit will reduce its efficiency. And, if you let it go too long without cleaning, your AC unit will most likely need to be replaced.

But, there’s a far more important reason you should clean your AC unit on a regular basis… and that is… to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Mold and mildew are really bad news. In fact, mold and mildew can cause many health problems, including… Allergic reactions in people who are exposed to mold and mildew Sinus problems for people with asthma. That’s why it’s so important to keep mold and mildew out of your home. If you want to read complete guide about aircon you can visit saturday reviews