Aircon Chemical Wash & Overhaul Services

There are times when a general aircon servicing will not suffice. Over time, sediments get stuck and the pipes get clogged up by particles that are hard to wash away by general aircon servicing. In such cases, you will require an aircon chemical wash service, or a more thorough cleaning known as aircon chemical overhaul.

There are differences between chemical wash and chemical overhauls.

Aircon Chemical Wash and Overhaul Price

Aircon chemical wash and overhaul prices will always be higher than that of regular maintenance and servicing. Reason is, the cleaning is way more thorough, and it requires dismantling of the unit and chemical-based solution to wash off the tough stains and sediments residing in the system itself.

Chemical Wash

(Wall Mounted)
$70 per unit

Chemical Overhaul

(Wall Mounted)
$150 for 1 unit
  • $120 per unit for 2 units and above

Chemical Overhaul

$380-450 per unit

Ordourless Medicine Cleaning

(Wall Mounted)
$90 per unit

Aircon Chemical Wash

Our chemical wash service includes opening or the front cover and wash, spray chemical on the coil but will not dismantle the entire unit to clean. The aircon unit is usually about 80% clean after this service.

The main parts of the unit will be cleaned using a special chemical-based solution, places such as the fan-coil, water trays and air filters will get cleaned. Our service will usually take about 60 minutes.

Aircon Chemical Overhaul

Chemical overhaul allows you to thoroughly clean your system, including killing of bacteria and stubborn particles that are stuck in your unit system.

An overhaul service from us includes bringing down the whole unit & dismantle part by part to clean, covered by a 3 months warranty. It helps aircon to be more cooling, and usually means the unit is 100% clean.

Our professionals will first dismantle the whole system and give it an overhaul using our chemical-based solution. This includes:

dismantling the individual units of the system, such as fan coil and electronic control
  • cleaning of the evaporator coils, external panels and covers
  • treatment of air filters, blower wheels and fan blades
  • cleaning of condensation water drainage pan
  • chemical flushing of drainage pipes
  • inspection of the electrical wiring
  • This thorough overhaul removes the most stubborn of stains, and you should expect better airflow, more efficient power usage (which translate to lower electric bills) and cleaner air.

    Overall, it improves the air quality generated from your aircon unit while maintaining (or lowering) your electric bills. This can be particularly useful for individuals who have allergies and require cleaner air to breathe. We recommend you to get chemical wash service once every year to ensure maximum efficiency of your aircon unit.