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We offer a range of home air conditioning services. We install air conditioning systems, do service and maintenance work. If you are planning to install air conditioning in your home, it is important to hire an expert aircon installer. This will ensure that your air conditioner runs at its best and at all times. Our experts have extensive experience in all kinds of installations. They have worked with some of the most prominent names in the business and will give you the best services to suit your needs. For all your air conditioning requirements, we are the right place to come.

Our team provides a complete range of services such as aircon installation, chemical cleaning, and aircon repair service. We are the best aircon installers in Singapore, who are also licensed and insured. Our team offers a wide range of services. We are specialized to offer our clients the best results.

Our services are highly effective and we guarantee to deliver the desired result. We take the pain out of AC installation. You can contact us if you want to know more details about our services.

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Best Aircon Installers is one of the top companies for air conditioning repair & maintenance. We are best for fixing any type of ACs and offer free quotes. Call us for 24×7 availability to fix your problems.

So, for any kind of Aircon system installation, you can contact us today with a call or WhatsApp us or mail us at and we will guide and assist you through buying and installation process of the aircon unit. We can also give you a quotation for your aircon installation project depending on the subsequent factors.


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Our Aircon Installation Singapore

All of us have to rely upon air conditioning systems because of the hot climate and high humidity of Singapore. Every day a lot of people need aircon units installed in living homes and offices. However, when you choose any AC unit to be installed at your place, a lot of things need to be considered and expert advice in this matter is always recommended.

Our qualified professionals will aid you to choose your aircon unit depending on your budget, preferences, and suitability. Aside from it, we also install your preferred AC unit, be it from any brand, our trained team of technicians can take care of it.

SubCool Aircon installation service is top-notch for our high-grade service for an affordable and reasonable price. Although, it depends on various factors including the following:

  • Brands and models of the aircon.
  • Materials required to install.
  • Country of origin of the aircon unit.
  • Type of installation.
  • Inverter system (non-inverter are obsolete).


Types of Aircon Units We Install

Our team of trained technicians at SubCool covers a wide area of options regarding the installation of AC units. We are experienced in serving thousands of customers all over Singapore and are acquainted with installing aircon of various brands. Following are the systems we provide installation for:

  • Wall-mounted system.
  • Centralized system.
  • Ceiling Cassette system.


Aircon maintenance

Factors to consider before aircon unit installation

Aircon use is entangled with our everyday life. So it is best if you consider a few things before installing your cooling unit.

  • Size and Location of the Area: Warmer rooms such as the rooms facing the sunlight directly most of the day or areas such as the living room or kitchen will also typically require a high capacity aircon system to accomplish the same cooling effect. The same condition applies to larger or wider rooms.
  • Types of Air conditioners: Choosing the most suitable air conditioner for your specific needs is also an important factor to consider before conducting the installation. Here are a few common aircon types you can choose from or consult us to let us know your requirements and we will aid you throughout the whole process:
  • Room Aircon: This is the most common cooling unit suitable for personal needs and a fitting choice for any living room. This type of aircon has long durability relative to its price, they can last 10-15 years.
  • Central Aircon: This type of aircon is popular for commercial buildings. Installation of the central aircon however requires much professional touch and requires hacking of walls and ductwork to conceal the pipings. Central aircon can be more efficient if you have to cover a large area. It also lasts 10-15 years.
  • Ductless mini-split aircon: This type of wall-mounted aircon unit is suitable and popular for using in households. It produces lesser sounds and can provide both heating and cooling of air which is suitable for a climate with diverse weather. They also have a lifespan of about 10-15 years.
  • Evaporative cooler: Evaporative coolers are suitable for dry places as they can add moisture to the air, although, for this extra perk it needs to be maintained more often. This also has a lifespan of about 10-15 years.
  • Costs of Air Conditioners: You should do a comparative study of the aircon units within your budget and consider their pros and cons before buying.
  • Electricity Usage: Electricity usage of aircon units is generally higher than other machines and to acquire an energy-saving unit, you need to do thorough market research. As our team at SubCool thrives in brand research, we can assure you that you will not be disappointed if you consult with our experts to choose the best plan for your house or office.

You can read full guide here which factors that affect the price of an aircon installation

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