The Pros and Cons of Ductless Aircon Systems

If you have seen the small wall-mounted devices that cool and heat the indoor air, then you know how a ductless aircon system looks like. But have you any idea how these air conditioners work?

Admittedly, living in a hot and humid climate will sooner or later face you with the need to install a particular type of air conditioning unit in your home. Your system of choice can significantly impact your electricity bills and home comfort.

So, it may be a good idea to know this and that about such an essential home and office appliance like the ductless aircon system. Whether you pick a mini or multi-split ductless system for your home, there are some pros and cons that you should take into consideration. Let’s take a look:

How do Ductless Aircon Systems Function?

Firstly, there are two main types of ductless aircon systems. Also known as wall-mounted, these air conditioners can be either mini-split or multi-split. While mini-split ductless systems consist of one indoor unit and one outdoor unit, multi-split systems can have two or more indoor units. Either configuration has the compressor or condenser coil in the outer panel. It is connected to the indoor evaporator via a small conduit.

Typically, each indoor unit is designed to heat or cool only one room. It can be mounted on the ceiling, but most of the time it is installed on the wall. The heating cycle is carried out according to the season. In winter, the heat is drawn from outdoor air and transferred to the evaporator, which heats the room. In summer, the cycle is reversed.

The Pros of Ductless Aircon Systems

Carefree Installation

Perhaps, the first thing you’ll notice about ductless air conditioners is the quick and easy installation. Going for a traditional central aircon system can take you a whole month and a considerable inconvenience during the process. On the other hand, installing a mini-split ductless unit can take roughly about an hour. The only obstruction can be drilling a single 3-inch hole for the conduit.

No Ductwork Needed

Frankly, most homeowners prefer buying a ductless aircon because of the flexibility that they offer. The lack of ductwork is undoubtedly an advantage since not everyone would like the idea of having to rip down ceilings and walls to install ducts. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about duct leakages that may reduce your air conditioner’s efficiency.

Efficiency at its Best

Speaking of energy-efficiency, this is yet another reason why ductless aircon systems appeal to homeowners. Relying on an inefficient conditioning system is a huge no-no, and wall-mounted units are just what you need. They consume less energy, they are more compact, and they deliver the temperature-controlled air directly into your room, without losing their efficiency. Besides, multi-split aircon systems allow homeowners to create “zones.” If needed, they can adjust the temperature in each room with an indoor unit.

Fresh and Clean Air

The quality of indoor air is an essential factor that most families take into consideration when choosing an aircon unit. Employing a traditional system can seriously lower it, as ducts must go through regular cleanings carried out by a professional aircon technician. On the contrary, ductless systems provide multi-stage filtration that’s practical and efficient against all types of harmful bacteria, dust, pollen, etc.

Low Carbon Footprint

In recent years, lots of homeowners have raised their awareness in terms of sustainability and environmentally-friendly alternatives to conventional home appliances. The compact ductless unit is excellent at saving energy. Of course, this also contributes to less carbon output. Moreover, the R410A that is used in newer ductless aircon models has zero ozone depletion potential. This translates in much less impact on the environment compared to central aircon systems.

The Cons of Wall-Mounted Aircon Units


Ductless aircon systems may be quick and easy to install, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are cheaper than central systems. On average, this is not the case. They can cost up to 30 percent more than centralized air conditioners. Of course, the wall-mounted option will be much more practical if you’re willing to heat or cool a room or two. But if you’re planning a whole-house air conditioning, you’d better prepare for a spike in your electricity bills.

Bad Aesthetics

This may not be such an issue, but some homeowners take their home interior pretty seriously. The last thing they would want in their home is an indoor fan unit attached to the wall or ceiling. More recent models have a sleeker look and compact size. However, having a ductless aircon in every room can hurt the overall aesthetic appeal of your space.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, ductless aircon units are quick and easy to install, highly-efficient, and small flexible systems that can fit into almost any house or apartment space. Zoning has never been more natural with these systems. But just like anything, comfort has its price. Taking proper care of your air conditioner will ensure you never run out of convenience.

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