[elementor-template id=”612″] An aircon can be a blessing in the hot and scorching summer seasons. In hot and humid environments, one might not even consider living without an aircon. But sometimes, an aircon might malfunction or indicate that a malfunction is about to occur.

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One such indication is water leaking from the aircon. When you see water leaking from any part of the aircon, you should immediately inspect the aircon to identify the cause of leakage. Once identified, you would be in a better position to fix the problem before it causes a bigger problem with the aircon. Here, we will describe some of the common reasons why aircons leak water from any of its parts. We will also describe their solutions so you can continue to benefit from an efficiently running air conditioner.

Clogged Air Filter

One of the most common reasons for an aircon leaking water is a blocked air filter. The air filter prevents the dust and dirt particles from flowing inside the room. With time it gets dirty and blocked. This hinders the flow of air in the room resulting in freezing of the air. When the desired temperature is reached in the room or when the aircon is turned off, this frozen air starts to melt resulting in a leak from the aircon. The simple solution to this problem is regular aircon servicing and washing of the air filter to enable the air to flow freely through the unit.

A Clogged Drain Line

The drain pipe is responsible for draining the excess water from the overflow pan towards the outside. This drain pipe can become clogged because of dirt, debris, fungus, and mold growing inside the pipe. This would hinder the drainage of water to the outside of the aircon. When the water would not be able to drain, it will start leaking from the aircon.

A trained professional can identify a clogged drain line and try to clean the pipe so as to remove all debris and other particles that are hindering the drainage of water. Once cleaned, the drain pipe would be able to drain the excess water efficiently. Sometimes, a chemical wash or chemical overhaul is needed to thoroughly clear the debris in the drain line.

Refrigerant or Coolant Leaking

If you see water leaking from the vents of your aircon, it can indicate a problem of leakage of refrigerant or coolant. If the coolant leaks, it will not be able to remove the moisture from inside the room properly. Moisture will be accumulated inside the coils which will eventually freeze. This frozen water will melt and cause a leak from the vents of the aircon.

Since this problem is somewhat difficult to identify, professional help should be sought to find the root cause of leakage. Once the technicians identify that refrigerant leakage is the culprit, they will try to find the leakage spots, fix them, and eventually refill the coolant to enable the aircon to start functioning properly.

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Clogged Condensation Line

The condenser and condensation line is located in the outer unit of the aircon. They are exposed to all kinds of dust, dirt, and debris from their surroundings. These things can block the condensation line which would not be able to remove the moisture from the air effectively. They will not be able to throw the cool air inside and the result will be the freezing of water in the condensation lines. This will eventually melt and result in a leakage of water. The solution to this problem is to unclog the condensation line by thoroughly cleaning and removing all kinds of blockages from the condenser and condensation line.

Air Leakage

Air leakage is also one of the most common reasons for an aircon dripping water. The air that enters the outer unit of the aircon needs to flow completely from the indoor unit and into the room. If, because of any blockage or leak, some of the air gets leaked before being flown inside the room, it will result in the leakage of water from the aircon.

The solution to this problem is to identify where the air leak is occurring so it can be fixed. So if you have this type of problem in your aircon then visit aircon repair and book with us our team will trace out your problem of water dripping and fix it. [elementor-template id=”612″]

Clogged Drain Pan

The drain pan is made of metal and is responsible for the flow of water towards the drain pipe. If the drain pan becomes rusty, it can cause an obstruction in the flow of water. The pan starts to overflow and causes a spill of water which is manifested in the form of water leaking from the aircon.

The solution to this problem is to regularly clean the drain pan so you can detect timely if there is any form of rust. Then you can call our aircon servicing Singapore specialist team who will fix the issue.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coils are located inside the unit of the aircon. Due to some blockage in the evaporator coils or condensation line, the evaporator coils can freeze. When the temperature of the room decreases, it eventually leads to the frozen coils being melted. This melted water then leaks from the aircon vents. This problem is a difficult one to detect and requires the expertise of expert technicians to identify the cause and eventually fix it so that the air conditioner can start working properly without any aircon water leaking.

Damaged Coils

If the coils get damaged in some way or the other, it can also lead to water leaking from the aircon. The insulation on the surface of the coils can also get damaged if the aircon has not been serviced regularly. Because of this damage, the coolant will not be able to flow properly through the coils and the condensate will not be able to run through the coils towards the drain line. When it gets through the cracks of the damaged coils, it results in a leak from the aircon. A professional technician will be able to identify this problem quickly and take steps to solve it.

Incorrect Installation

One reason why an aircon might be leaking water is its incorrect installation. If the aircon is not levelled properly, it can cause a leak. If the drain pipe is constricted in some way during installation, it can also result in water leakage.

The solution to this problem is to reinstall the aircon properly so it is leveled as well. You can enquire more about our aircon installation service by giving us a call.

Broken Or Damaged Pump

The pump which is located near the cooling coils is responsible for draining the water thoroughly. If this pump becomes damaged or broken, it will not be able to complete its job of draining the water and thus, water will start to leak from the aircon. In case of a broken or damaged pump, it may be repaired or it may have to be replaced with a new one. These are some of the common reasons why an aircon might be dripping water. Most of these reasons need to be checked by an expert technician so he can identify the problem properly and fix it before it does any more damage to the aircon. Professional and regular service and maintenance of the aircon can save you from a lot of these problems arising in the first place. With regular maintenance, you can ensure that common aircon problems will not arise and your aircon will continue to work effectively for years.

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