Aims to explain the most efficient method of doing gas top up for aircon Service in Singapore, it is not only for hotels but also for homeowners who are living in Singapore.

We have a dedicated blog for aircon gas top up. Here you can read more information on the methods we use for aircon gas top up. You can also find our contact details, which are listed under the blog page.

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Aircon gas top up by using refillable cartridges or refillable tanks

– The Refillable Gas Tank: These refillable tanks consist of a tank, a nozzle, and a gas bottle. The tank stores air conditioner gas while the nozzle is used to fill the tank with aircon gas.

– The Refillable Cartridge: These refillable cartridges are designed to be refilled as often as needed. This type of cartridge contains only

aircon gas and is generally used for aircon installation. – The Fixed Cartridge: These cartridges are fixed in place and contain a fixed amount of aircon gas. They are usually used for large scale aircon system. – The Liquid Cartridge: These cartridges are like refillable cartridges but they contain liquid instead of gas. This cartridge is used for aircon installation that requires a liquid compressor.

We can also supply you with suitable aircon gas according to your requirements and specifications. Our staff will be glad to give you all the details and guidance you need. We have good experience with aircon gas and its applications, so we are able to recommend you the right one for your needs. Our company has many years’ experience on aircon gas business and we are able to meet your requests. We will provide you with the best aircon gas top up service price. If you have any questions about our products or services, please feel free to contact us.

Aircon gas top up by using cylinder aircon system

Do you know there are three common types of home air conditioners in the market? These are the split system air conditioner, central air conditioner, and ductless air conditioning systems. Ducted air conditioning systems offer better cooling efficiency as compared to other systems. Our aircon gas top up service provides you with professional cylinder aircon gas top up services at very affordable rates. In the past few years, we have helped many homeowners to save a lot of money by using our cylinder aircon system.

How to check the aircon gas charge level

If you want to check if your aircon gas is charged, you should be able to do this easily without using any tools. This tutorial will show you how to check the aircon gas charge using an aircon pressure sensor.

The best time to check the aircon gas level is after the cold weather when the temperature is at its lowest point in the day, so you can measure the pressure accurately.

 • Check the aircon condensation on the inside of the unit and on the window seal. A small amount of water droplets indicates that the window seal is defective or the condensation has been blown by a strong wind.  

• Check the aircon filter.

How to replace aircon filter in the airconditioning system

The replacement of air conditioner filter will reduce the risk of air conditioning system breakdown, and also will save your money and energy. This is the first step in maintaining the health of your air-conditioning unit. You can also check the temperature of your home by using the thermostat.

To replace a filter, you should shut down the air conditioning system and turn off the power supply to the unit. Then you should remove the cover from the grill (if there is one) or open the door of the air-conditioning unit. After that you should disconnect the power cord. Then you should unscrew the screws at the bottom of the filter box.

After unscrewing the screws, you should remove the filter box. After removing the filter box, you should remove the old filter and install a new one in its place. You can buy new filters from your local store. However, you should know that some filters are more efficient than others. Therefore, you should use a filter that is appropriate for your air conditioner. When you have installed the new filter, you should tighten the screws again.

If you do not tighten the screws properly, the air conditioner will stop working. How to Check the Air Conditioner Filters? You can check the filters of your air conditioner by looking at them. If you see that they are dirty or clogged, you should clean them. You should use a vacuum cleaner to do so. You can also remove the air conditioner filter and wash it with water. However, if the filter is very dirty, you should clean it with a brush instead of water. After cleaning the filter, you should replace it in its original position.

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