It is summertime, and life is simple. In the land down under, it is also sticky, humid, and a little uncomfortable at this time of year. Summers in Singapore are long and hot, with temperatures easily reaching the mid-thirties (degrees Celsius), so retreating to a blissfully cool air-conditioned home after a day spent in the oppressive heat is often just what the doctor ordered. In summer, the Singapore air feels like sitting in a warm blanket. Because of this air-conditioned services oasis, it is comfortable for the people living here in Singapore they have got relief from the hot summer days.

How To Get Chill in Aircon (A/C) Properly

You can get it in whatever way you like, and it will help keep your house cool. As a result, the air conditioner may not have to work as hard, lowering your electricity bill. It is very straightforward. You cannot turn down the sun in a hot summer, but you can reduce the heat by adding some shade.

Like we have to take care of this thing in the morning that our room temperature remains cold because of Aircon as well as before going to bed at night all we need is a night sleep in a good temperature. So it depends on us that how to maintain the temperature normal for the night sleep. Managing the room temperature with air conditioning, according to our sleep experts, is perfect for good sleep.

Ideal Temperature To Sleep At Night

According to scientists, the optimal temperature for sleeping at night is 25 degrees Celsius. To achieve this temperature, we suggest using the thermostat on your air conditioner. Your air conditioner should, preferably, have a sleep mode.

  • When your air conditioner is switched on, the inverter will operate diligently to achieve the temperature you’ve set.
  • When this temperature is reached, the inverter decreases power to conserve energy while maintaining the optimum sleeping temperature.
  • After that, for the next four hours, your air conditioner will lift the temperature by half a degree, helping you to wake up at the perfect temperature.
  • If your Aircon is not getting the low temperature of your room then click here to read how to test if your AC is working properly.


Our health and well-being need to get the proper amount and quality of sleep. The temperature of our sleeping space may have a big effect on our sleep quality. Sleeping at a cool temperature at night can help you sleep faster and encourage your body to relax. You’ll feel good than ever when you wake up, and you’ll be ready for a pleasant day.

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