Testing the temperature of the air doesn’t require a thermometer. Just open the curtains during the day, wait a few minutes and see if the room gets cooler. If it does, then your AC unit is working fine. If it doesn’t, then you probably have a problem you need to address immediately.

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Testing your air conditioner

can save you money! Don’t put off testing, checking, and adjusting your air conditioning system. If you do, you may pay a lot more in the long run. That’s because, over time, an inefficient system will cost you more in energy bills than what it would have cost to have the work done in the first place. How Do You Test Your Air Conditioning System? There are many ways you can test your air conditioning system.

Test If Your Air Conditioner Is Working Properly our blog provides tips on testing the efficiency of your air conditioner. These tests are simple and easy to perform.

How to test if your ac is working properly

If you own a house or apartment, you should know the temperature in which you live is probably too high. You can find out if your air conditioner is working properly by simply following these steps:

1: Turn your air conditioner on full blast.

2: Set your thermostat to 78F.

3: Leave your house or apartment for approximately 15 minutes.

4: Return to your thermostat and see how low it registers.

5: If your thermostat is a hold type, leave it on that temperature for the day.

6: If it’s digital, check the bottom number.

7: If it’s above 78F, your air conditioner is not working properly and your unit need a proper Aircon servicing

8: If it’s below 78F, your air conditioner is working properly.

9: If you still can’t figure it out, give us a call at +6590650723 and we’ll troubleshoot your fault and will give you our Aircon repair service.

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