Chemical Wash Aircon Price Singapore | We have been helping many users to solve their aircon cleaning and repair problems in Singapore. And there are more than 60% of users choose to use a chemical cleaning solution. Because they all know that standard aircon servicing can’t effectively eliminate the bacteria in the aircon. Research says these harmful bacteria are very likely to cause the following diseases. For details, Chemical wash aircon price Singapore.

1. Skin Allergies

2. Respiratory Diseases

3. Eyes allergies

What is aircon chemical wash?

Aircon chemical wash uses a special chemical formulated detergent to clean your air conditioner and kill 99.9% of bacteria completely under the supervision of qualified and experienced chemical engineers.

You can choose Non-Dismantle chemical cleaning or Full-Dismantle chemical cleaning

If you service your aircon every 4 months, you are recommended to use Non-Dismantle chemical cleaning.

However, if you have not serviced your air conditioner for more than 6 months, you should do a Full-Dismantle chemical cleaning.

furthermore, When you want to know about the best air conditioning, you need to consider a few factors. The first is the temperature range that you want your home to have. Some people like their homes warm in winter and cool in summer. If you are like this, then you should choose an air conditioner with a cooling capacity that suits your needs. However, if you prefer a cooler house in the summer but warmer in the winter, then you should select an air conditioner that has a greater cooling capacity than usual. The next thing to consider is the size of your home.

Chemical Wash aircon | How to Get Cheap Aircon Price Singapore?

Aircon price in Singapore is not as cheap as they used to be. It has been quite a challenge to get aircon prices in Singapore for the last couple of years. Even though we do have the best aircon in Singapore, it still seems to be quite expensive compared to what we had in the past. This is due to the fact that most of the aircon brands are now owned by foreign companies, which is why the prices are so high. This is where we come in! We can help you find a good aircon brand for cheap in Singapore.

  • Compare aircon prices from different aircon brands
  • Compare the BTU rating to the room size
  • Don’t bother using silenced units for big rooms
  • Tune your usage of the right energy efficiency 
  • Make use of the various aircon modes
  • Get an extended warranty for bedroom aircon units
  • Choose the best OEM retailer for your aircon usage habit

Why aircon chemical cleaning is necessary and its benefits?

Chemical wash aircon price Singapore Aircon cleaning should be done every 6 months. The air conditioner should be cleaned after the first use of the air conditioning system but before the first winter season. This is important because the system has to get rid of the dirt that will collect on the coils over time and cause a decrease in its efficiency. If the system does not get cleaned, the system will be less efficient and it will have to work harder. This will eventually cause an increase in electricity consumption.

Chemical wash aircon can be used for washing or deodorizing

. In the washing mode, it has the effect of removing dust from the aircon and the effect of removing dirt from the aircon fans. In the deodorizing mode, it has the effect of deodorizing the air and is mainly used for the purpose of preventing the occurrence of unpleasant odor. The aircon can be divided into a direct contact type and an indirect contact type based on the flow pattern of the air. In the direct contact type, air flows through the aircon in a straight line, so that it directly contacts the surface of the clothing.

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