Are you Battling to find the reasons for Aircon circuit breaker Tripping? Or Are you looking at the major issue of the circuit breaker which trips after some cooling? If your aircon keeps tripping more than once, so it means that there are a few reasons behind this. You should get an expert technician for repair.

How does the circuit breaker work?

“Circuit Breaker” is a supportive switch that is used in electric purposes to manage the power of electricity in any component. Thus, this breaker is the safety factor and prevents the device from the flow of amps.

In this present article, I would like to share the major causes of Ac circuit breaker Tripping. Afterward, you would be able to recognize the technical problems in your Air-conditioner.

Now, let me discuss certain Ac breaker tripping key reasons:

PCB(printed circuit boards) Damage

Overheating and humidity can cause PCB ruins. Thermal stress and chemical fluid leakage also other factors of PCB failure.

How to resolve this issue: simply hire a professional Ac technician to investigate PCB damage.

Loose Electrical Wiring

 Sometimes short circuit occurs due to climate changes resulting in wire extensions and contraction. The extension and contractions of wires disturb electric connections inside the Air-conditioner.

Solution: thoroughly check out the aircon outside the unit weekly by SubCool.

Low Voltage Supply

Suddenly the higher and lower flow of ampere causes failure of the circuit breaker. The low voltage burns the coils and sometimes a huge bombardment occurs in the circuit system.

Solution: when voltages are increasing or decreasing you should shut down the breaker until the voltage again gets normal.

Over-age Compressor

When a compressor gets old or weak, it can’t handle more capacity than as usual. If it shows the difficulty in the start-up of the compressor, the circuit breaker begins tripping.

Solution: strong capacitor can be fixed to deal the compressor motor which gives easily pulling capacity.

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