Subcool is the aircon servicing company in Singapore and is likely to be the one that offers the lowest price. For the average user, pricing is likely to be the most important factor to consider.

While aircon might be one of the best inventions for keeping people cool, using aircon also comes at a price. The cost of using aircon might be expensive but there are ways to make it cheaper. One of the most effective ways is to find the best gas refill price. This blog will look at why it’s important to find the best gas refill price and different ways to find it.

Our Aircon Gas Top Up Singapore prices

The gas refill service packages differ depending on the type of gas you want your unit to be refilled with. These are:

  • R22 Gas Refill: The price range is from $60 to $130 depending on the amount of gas you need.
  • R410A Gas Refill: The price range is from $80 to $130 depending on the amount of gas your aircon unit needs.

How do I go about getting my aircon gas refilled?

Aircon gas refilling is something that should be done periodically to ensure that your aircon is working at optimal efficiency. Aircon gas is simply the refrigerant that keeps your aircon cool and if you don’t get the aircon gas refilled then the efficiency of your aircon will drop.

When you know it’s time to have your aircon gas refilled?

When your aircon not cooling your room and take longer time ever before, you will probably get to know that your aircon needs to be gas refilled.

If you’re sensitive to heat and humidity, you know that aircon maintenance is important. Regular aircon servicing can improve efficiency, lower your electricity bills and maximize the life of the aircon system. Thankfully, Subcool Aircon Services in Singapore shares with us some simple steps to tell if it’s time to have your aircon gas refilled.


The aircon gas refill is used for refilling the gas that exists in the aircon. Therefore, when you are planning to buy an aircon, you need to consider the cost as well as the quality of the aircon gas refill. Subcool is providing the cheapest aircon gas refill service in your area. contact us for more details +6590650723. Toshiba Tech Singapore

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