What is an aircon? Aircon (also known as air-conditioning) is a type of climate control system for commercial and residential buildings that consists of a cooling system that uses air as the transport medium rather than water or refrigerant.

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In the context of HVAC, aircon is the abbreviation for “air conditioner”, and the system may be referred to as “cooling” when it is cooling the air inside a building.   Aircon is sometimes used interchangeably with central air conditioning (CAC), but this is not always the case.

The working principle of aircon

The air conditioner is a device for cooling and warming the indoor temperature. It uses a refrigerant gas, a liquid or an electric current to cool the room air. The compressor compresses the gas refrigerant into a liquid form. It’s the motor that spins the fan which pulls the cooled air from the indoor space. When the compressor turns on, it generates a very high voltage current through the wires of the compressor.

The high voltage current can cause problems for anyone handling it. It can be fatal for children or adults who are not aware of the dangers. To avoid such accidents, all the electrical parts should be grounded. The AC compressor is grounded by the manufacturer, but it’s important to make sure that all the other electrical equipment in your home is grounded too. If you have a water heater, a furnace, a refrigerator, a TV or a stereo system, these should also be grounded. AC Compressor Safety Tips:

How to find out if your air-con needs service?

Find a Local Air Conditioning Repair & Service Company Near You before contacting an air-conditioning repair and service company in your area, check with your local heating and cooling store to see which brands of equipment they are servicing and what price tags they’re putting on each one. If you have a problem with your air conditioner, check to see whether there are any major air conditioning repair and service stores within a 50 minutes

 Types of aircon

1. Most people think it’s just air conditioning and they’re done. But there are different kinds of air conditioning (AC) that can give you the comfort you need with the savings you desire. And since AC systems have changed dramatically in recent years, your new system should be exactly what you want.

There are 2 main types of air conditioning systems:

(1) Water Based

(2) Freon Based.

The two major differences between these two types of systems is how they cool the room and how much cooling power they offer. The two most common types of water-based systems are:

(i) Evaporation Based

(ii) Peltier Cooling Based.

Different types to service your aircon

Different types of service can be categorized by the following type:

(1) Aircon Service or maintenance, (2) Aircon Chemical Cleaning Service, (3) Service for dehumidification, etc.

The first and most important thing you should consider when choosing a company is to know what type of service they offer.

How to fix or replace the air-conditioner?

When your air-con stops working, don’t put it off. Call your Aircon Repairer and have it checked and fixed. Make sure you give them as much notice as possible. If the aircon is old or if there is something wrong with it, get a quote from an Aircon Repairer. Don’t just buy it at cheap rates from local shops.

How to save electricity on your air conditioner when there is no need to operate the air conditioner?

When it’s hot outside, use the air conditioning to keep cool inside your home instead of using the air conditioning for ventilation only. The cooler the room, the less energy that you are wasting. Your air conditioner uses energy when it runs. Some of this energy is spent cooling your home. The rest of the energy is wasted through ventilation. If you shut off the vents when you leave the house, you can make a big difference

 If you don’t already have an A/C timer, get one. If you do have one, set it for 8 hours, and it should work just fine.

3. Don’t worry about using a little extra electricity during this time, as in the end, it’ll cost less than if you are running your unit all day long.