Chemicals used in air-conditioning systems are generally a mixture of chemicals (called refrigerants) and other materials that are used to make up refrigeration systems. There are two types of refrigerants. The first type, called hydrofluorocarbons, is a family of chemicals called HFCs that are relatively new, with the first HFC developed in 1970.

These HFCs do not deplete the ozone layer and have zero global warming potential. In addition, HFCs do not contain any chlorine, which is a major concern because chlorine-containing compounds (such as chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs) were widely used in the past for refrigerants and are now being phased out because they damage the ozone layer.

Types of chemical used in the air conditioner are not dangerous

to human being. They are only harmful to the environment and may cause allergic reactions. Air conditioning systems are a common part of modern homes, offices, schools and other structures. In fact, they can be found in almost every building. The air conditioning system consists of two components, a compressor and an evaporator. The compressor compresses the air which is then cooled by the evaporator.

system Air conditioners are used for maintaining comfortable temperature and humidity inside a house. Air conditioners remove heat from the air, which is usually humid, and transfer the heat to air, which is usually dry, using cooling or heating system. The air conditioners are also used in the industrial areas for cooling and ventilating the factories.

Names of chemical used in the air conditioning

1. Water proofing agent

2. Heating agent

3. Dehumidifying agent

4. Alkaline agent

5. Oxidizing agent

6. Absorbent agent

7. Cleaning agent

8. Anti-corrosion agent

9. Drying agent

Air conditioning equipment that need to chemical wash:

11. Air blower

12. Compressor

13. Motor

14. Evaporator

CO2, which is widely used in air conditioning for cleaning

the air and for drying. The company has been supplying the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with this type of dry ice for an air quality research project. Although the company has received inquiries from some customers about the dry ice, it has not decided whether it will resume selling it.

Air conditioning is based on refrigeration cycle. 

Refrigerant gas (R-12. is circulated through a heat exchanger in a cooling circuit of an air conditioner to absorb heat from the outside air and change the temperature of the refrigerant gas. The heat is transferred to the outdoor air through the heat exchanger, and the temperature of the outside air is lowered. Thus, the air conditioning is achieved.

In Aircon cycle, gas like ammonia is used as refrigerant. 

The working of the air conditioning unit is based on the refrigerant gas in the refrigeration cycle. The refrigerant gas circulates through the refrigeration cycle and absorbs heat from the surrounding atmosphere, and it is cooled to a temperature below the dew point, which causes water vapor to condense into liquid form. The liquid refrigerant is then transported to the evaporator where it absorbs more heat from the surrounding atmosphere.

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