An aircon chemical wash is the process of cleaning the internal parts of your air con. It is a common practice to ensure that the internal parts of your aircon are clean through routine cleaning, and is best to seek the services of a certified technician to do a thorough chemical wash on your air con.

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When an aircon is used frequently especially in tropical climates like Singapore, it is bound to experience some form of wear and tear that may affect how the unit works and the general life cycle.

You may begin to experience that the unit is not cooling the room like you would want to, or you may experience foul smells coming from the air con due to a build-up of air-bone dust, bacteria and mold. You may also experience leakage from the condenser as it tries to balance the exterior air and the air inside the unit.

Aircon chemical wash process provides you with the element of making sure that your unit is clean thus preventing you from contracting any health hazards. It further ensures that proper and normal air flow cools your room at the desired temperature without any hitches.

What are the benefits of an air con chemical wash

Many people may not understand the benefits of regular aircon servicing. It is usually performed when a problem arises, making this a knee-jerk reaction to fix the problem. It is considered best practice to adopt a preventive measure mentality on your air con and all your other appliances. By doing so, this will save you a lot of money on unanticipated repair costs. It will also make you have a decent peace of mind.

No one wants to be stuck with an asset that perhaps is not giving you the clean cool air that you deserve or making you stay in a space where there is offensive smell. Your air con may give you the unhygienic and constrained progression of air because of filthy air channels if not working properly for various reasons.

Most people in Singapore use about 7-8 hours of air conditioner. Therefore, if your aircon is not emitting good clean air, one can only imagine the damage of inhaling contaminated air does to one’s health!

A chemical wash is a usually done by done by a certified aircon technician who uses a special chemical solution to expel dirt build up in the air components of the air con.

When performing the procedure, the technician will carefully disassemble the various components of your unit such as the condenser, air tray, air filter evaporator air flow blower in order to identify where there is grime and dirt and professionally clean the individual pieces appropriately. Doing so will ensure that your air con is restored back in good shape for optimal performance and for overall durability purposes.

Another reason for having an aircon chemical wash is to restore it to its best functionality and to help you experience good clean air. Where need be, having a chemical wash will also save you from having future expensive repairs if you do not service your unit regularly. You also will need to ensure that you are getting value for money and derive the maximum benefit from this asset that you cannot live without. Its air channels hindered with residue and dirt can increase your monthly energy bills and also affect the overall performance of the unit ultimately damaging it. In order to fix these problems, consider having a chemical wash done on your air con.

According to a study commissioned by the National Science Experiment In Singapore, air con usage makes up close to 18% of the electricity bill in most householdsFurthermore, if your unit is dirty, it can easily consume another 10-20% more energy. A chemical wash can make your air con more energy efficient and save money on your energy bills.

How frequent should a chemical wash be done

The frequency of a chemical wash will typically rely on several factors such as how frequently you are using the unit and your location- whether close to the sea or inland.  It is usually advisable to follow the manufactures instructions in determining how often to service your brand of aircon. Therefore is it important to check all the details before getting your aircon installation done.

However, not all things can be constant since people reside in various areas and the frequency of use also varies per individual. If you reside near the ocean, your air con is prone to inhaling a lot of grime and salt-infested air from the sea, therefore, affecting the overall functionality of your unit. This, therefore, means that the closer you are to the sea, the more you will require having your air con serviced if you want it to be in the best working condition.

Chemical wash administered frequently on your aircon ensures that you retain 95% of the overall efficiency of the unit if done on a yearly basis. However, some experts recommend that a chemical wash be done at least every six months but again, this will also depend on the usage and it will be up to you to constantly monitor how well your air con is functioning to determine if it needs servicing.

If you notice any leakage from your air con, this may also warrant a chemical wash. A leak in your air cons will happen when there is a backflow of air since the drainage pipe is clogged. However, if you have been constantly maintaining and servicing your unit regularly, you are more likely to identify areas that need immediate fixing to save you time and money in the long run.

The frequency of chemical wash cleaning therefore solely depends on individual usage and unique circumstances.

Basic steps to perform a chemical wash

A chemical wash can be done by following some basic steps.

  • Carefully switch off detach the fan coil from the wall
  • Using the chemical solution, properly clean the fan loops ensuring that you remove all the grime and dust to prevent any corrosion caused the chemical
  • Clean the fan blades and air con blower wheel with the chemical wash solution
  • Use a special lube to seal grease on the fan bearings
  • Clean the internal air filter with the chemical solution
  • Flush out any excess debris
  • Ensure that the pressure is at the normal required range for proper functionality
  • After the process, the technician may choose to gas top up for you as part of the servicing.

With the above useful tips, the element of chemical wash on your aircon is largely dependent on your ability to take care of your unit from the onset. It follows the same premise of the famous proverb of, ‘a stitch in time saves nine.’

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