Most people may from time to time forget to check the gas levels of their aircon. In order for your aircon to function at its utmost capacity, a gas top up is necessary.

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Air gas top up is generally the act of topping off or adding more gas coolant to your air con. A gas top up is required when it is found that the gas levels are low in your air con.

If you notice that the gas levels are low, this implies that your unit isn’t working appropriately because of a hole or a crack that expels air.

Aircon servicing experts recommend that this is done during routine service and maintenance. Whether done once or twice in a year depending on your usage and location.

When they are doing routine servicing, they will also check for any signs of leakage that may be allowing gas to escape from the chamber or connecting valves.

It cannot be emphasized enough that when you perform routine maintenance on your air con, the lesser the chances are for getting damages.

You will derive efficiency and good quality cool air that you desire with proper and adequate maintenance.

What causes air con gas to leak

Ideally, 3 factors can cause air con to leaks as follows:

Bad installation

If your air con is not properly installed, over time, you are bound t experience some type of malfunction with the unit.

It is best that you have your professionally Aircon installed by a certified technician who will ascertain that he properly tightens the valves and meticulously bend the installation wires to prevent any coolant leakage.

This is usually the first step and most critical.

Purchasing a non-certified unit

It is often recommended to purchase your air con from a recognized brand and retailer. This will give you the assurance of proper after-sales service.

If for any reason the retailer does not offer gas top-up services, they should be able to recommend you to some decent suppliers. This will save you a lot of time and headache in the long run.

Depreciation and general wear and tear

Just like any mechanical gadget, air con usage over time will lead to some form of wear and tear. The internal parts of an air con are not manufactured to last forever.

Whereas defective parts can be replaced to prevent further damage to the unit, gas top-up is also an aircon maintenance and repair requirement to prolong the life of your air con.

It is advisable to always have a trained technician perform routine maintenance on your air con to identify any faults that make your air con not be at its optimal.

Why You Need to Check Your Air con’s Gas

You ought to have your aircon unit regularly checked and undergo aircon servicing. After some time your aircon will begin to get deteriorate and depreciate in value thus not giving you the air quality that you desire.

Several parts may be need replacing or cleaning. If your aircon is not well looked after, the cooling system inside the unit will begin to drastically underperform.

If not well serviced, you will notice a drastic change in the air quality- either not blowing cold air when it should but instead blowing hot air instead. It is at this point that you need to check the coolant levels of your air con to determine if there is a need for a top up.

If there is something else that is not working properly, it is advisable to seek the services of a professional to check out your aircon for any leakage or repair other issues that may be causing malfunction.

Types of Gases Used For a Gas Top Up

There are two different types of gases that you can choose from for your air con gas top up in Singapore.


R410A is a popular gas top up that many common appliances such as air cons use. It is packaged in rose-colored cylinders. The newest types of air con models such as Daikin are known to popularly use the R410A refrigerant.

The gas is manufactured with a chemical known as Hydro-Fluorocarbon or HFC. HFC consists of organic compounds that contain fluorine and hydrogen atoms, and are the most common type of organ fluorine compounds. This type of gas is not harmful to the environment which is why many people prefer to use it.


The R22 brand, commonly referred to as Chlorodifluoromethane or difluoromonochloromethane is what most people are familiar with. It is a colorless, odorless gas. Newer brands of air cons however do not use this aircon gas top up gas due to its negative effects on the environment and have been phased out in developed countries such as Singapore.

In terms of price, the R22 is more expensive than the R410A brand.

What is the procedure for topping up air con gases

The refrigerant extracts heat out of the air from outside, and then transports this heat through the air con chambers. It is important to have the levels of gas be at the required levels to enable the air con work efficiently.

The process of toping up will ideally depend on the type of air con that you are using. In normal cases, the technician will perform the following tasks as he checks out your unit and brings it to capacity.

  • Do a thorough check on the air filters and cables
  • Check the compressor for any damages
  • Check the fluid levels of the air con gas
  • Confirm the type of air con gas that is recommended by the manufacture
  • Check if there is a leak within the components and do a full recharge
  • If the leak is very minimal, then it makes absolute sense to top up the air con gas

Benefits of an Air con Gas Top Up

For efficiency purposes

Low gas levels will mean that the air con will work extra hard to ensure that the room remains cool. By doing this, it may mess up other components of your aircon since it is not working the way it should be. This may bring about other unexpected repair costs to you. So it is always advisable to listen and check for abnormal signs in your unit.

You Save On Electricity Bills

Most air con uses in Singapore have their air con running quite frequently.  Air-conditioning accounts for up to 40 percent of the electricity bill for the average household, according to a recent study from Singapore’s National Environment Agency.

It goes without saying that if your aircon has to pull in more energy to run due to low gas levels or lack thereof, then this will obviously cause a huge surge in your power bills. Therefore, making sure that the gas levels are to an optimum should be a good practice.

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