AC stands for Air Conditioning. It is very important your air conditioning unit in your house works well because when it doesn’t, you will experience all kinds of unpleasant and sometimes even dangerous effects. And unfortunately, there are many reasons why your air conditioner might not be working properly. In this section, I am going to discuss some of the most common problems that can occur with your air conditioner and what you should do if it happens to you.

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If you have an air conditioner that is not cooling properly, there will be certain signs that tell you this. Here are some of the signs:

a. Your AC is too noisy. Especially at startup and shutdown.

b. Your AC has a strange smell. Unpleasant. Like rotten eggs. Or mold. Or, you know, just plain ol’ “stale” or “old”.

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Tips for preventing AC problems

Tip 1: Make Sure Your Air Conditioner Is Clean!

Tip 2: Don’t overload your air conditioner. Try not to use more than 10% of its capacity. (Capacity is how much cool air it can move.)

Tip 3: Change your air filter at least once every three months. And make sure the manufacturer’s instructions are followed when you do.

Tip 4:1. Your air conditioner should be in good working order and checked by a professional Aicon servicing company in Singapore twice every year. However, there are many common mistakes made by homeowners that can easily cause serious problems with your AC unit. These include:

What causes AC failure?

There are many different things that can go wrong with your air conditioning system. One of the biggest problems is the freon inside your evaporator coil. When the refrigerant in your AC evaporator coil gets too hot, it begins to vaporize and escape. This causes the temperature of the coil to rise, which in turn causes more refrigerant to vaporize, and the cycle continues.

Eventually, if this condition is not corrected, the coil will get so hot that it will begin to melt. At this point, your AC system will be totally destroyed and you will be looking at a major repair bill. Fortunately, there is an easy solution to this problem. You see, all you have to do is add some liquid refrigerant to your system. The liquid will immediately begin to flow through the evaporator coil and cause the temperature to drop down to a very safe level.

How often should you have your air conditioning system inspected?

1. This depends on how often you use your AC. Most likely, you use it almost every day. That means you should have it checked out twice a year.

2. If you use it less than that, have it checked out once a year. If you hardly ever use it, check it out every three years or so.

3. You want the AC unit to be as chemical clean and energy-efficient as possible.

2. Don’t put off having your AC unit inspected and cleaned. The earlier the better!

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