Inverter VS Non-Inverter Air-Conditioning Systems

Do you want to know the huge difference between inverter & Non-Inverter Air-Conditioning?

Well! Don’t worry, Subcool is here to fully tell you what should you do…

What is an Inverter Air-conditioner?

Do you know the specifications of an Inverter Air-conditioner?

An Inverter Air-conditioner is an innovative technology in air-conditioning systems as it consumes less power of electricity. Moreover, the inverter stores energy consumption and maintains room temperature. You need a variable speed control aircon that suits your climatic conditions. Every person has different choices and mindsets. Some people like to stay in a high-cooled environment contrary to this, most people prefer to stay in a low cooling ambiance so, the inverter is a good alternative option for the fast cooling process.

When you start up an aircon some of them create noise like you have started an electric pump motor but, this technology improved this noisy system and the inverter air-conditioning system restructured this and make this work ideal and quiet. You should sleep properly without any further irritation or distortion beneath an Inverter in your room.


  • Noiseless
  • Accurate cooling
  • Doesn’t burden on electricity
  • Comfortable, durable, and easy to manage
  • User friendly

What should you know about Non-Inverter Air-Conditioning?

Singapore’s temperature is very hot and an inverter or non-inverter is needed for Singaporeans. Both air-conditioners have exact specifications but the inverter has further more specifications. They both look similar and elegant. Plus, Non-Inverter AC has less-advanced technology than inverter Air-conditioning set-up.

The aircon compressor unit is connected on both technologies. A compressor in an Inverter AC has the capacity to change temperature mode, on the other hand, Non-Inverter has refrigerant to cool airflow and maintain room ambiance.

Non-Inverter AC consumes a lot of energy whenever you turn it on. As result, this will affect your electricity bill because the non-inverter loads on the electric meter while it is cooling.


As I discussed earlier, an inverter Air-conditioning system is more preferable than a non-inverter. I’ve my personal experience with inverter aircon and I can say that is more reliable, efficient, versatile and quiet. We may also call that we can have good investment according to its standard and functionality. One thing is, that an Inverter Air-conditioner is expensive and has expensive components to exchange.

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