One of the most expensive items in the house is the air conditioner. To safeguard their investment, many homeowners want to clean them every season. You will save money on maintenance charges if you maintain your air conditioning equipment on a regular basis. Cleaning it with the wrong equipment, on the other hand, might harm your system and drain your funds. Is it safe to clean an air conditioner using a pressure aircon chemical wash? What should I use instead if it isn’t safe?

Steps On How To Clean Aircon Outdoor Unit

In hot weather, the air conditioner’s outside condenser coil is working overtime. It disperses the concentrated heat from your home onto the hot outside air. Your outdoor condenser coil must circulate a lot of air to remove the stored heat. The outdoor coil fan cannot supply enough air to ensure optimum performance and efficiency if the coil is filthy, or if plants or other things are too close to the air conditioning unit. Not only would this raise energy prices, but it will also shorten the life of outdoor condensing units by Sub Cool.

Basic Guidelines To Clean the Outdoor Unit of Air Conditioner 

Make sure the split air conditioner’s inside the unit is clean before going on to the outside unit. For more information on cleaning the indoor unit of a split air conditioner, see our website page on how to clean the indoor unit of a split air conditioner in detail. Now let’s return to the cleaning of the split air conditioner’s exterior unit. Please read the instructions below to understand how to complete it.

Step-1 Switch off Power to the Outdoor Unit

You don’t want to connect the condenser fins to the socket since you’ll be cleaning them with water. To turn off the electricity to the outside device, unplug the circuit breaker from the power source.

Step-2 Vacuum the Condenser Fins

Remove the vacuum and connect the brush attachment to the nozzle of the vacuum. Inside the metal outside unit, the condenser fins are thin metal wires. To remove visible dust and debris from the outside unit, turn on the vacuum cleaner. Continue to move the brush in a straight line horizontally or vertically until all of the dust has been sucked out and the condenser seems clean.

Step-3 Unscrew the Grille of Outdoor Unit

Separate the grill from the outside unit with a screwdriver. Remove the metal unit after removing all screws with a screwdriver. Remove the condenser fan using a wrench after removing the metal unit.

Note:¬†Consult the manufacturer’s instructions for the safest method of removing the condenser fan. Keep in mind that the condenser fan is linked to the condenser, so you won’t be able to totally remove it. To be safe, place a plastic bag over all of the electrical components to protect them from water.

Step-4 Rinse the Condenser Fins with Hose

To clean the condenser fins from the interior of the metal unit, turn on the garden hose. To produce a stronger and finer mist from the hose, utilize the spray attachment. Don’t put too much pressure on the fins; if the water pressure is too great, the fins may bend. All of the fins will be clear and clean after cleaning, and your condenser will function smoothly. Allow the interior of the outdoor unit to dry fully after washing the inside of the fins.

Step-5 Reattach all the Parts

Reattach the condenser fan using the proper tools once the interior of the metal unit has dried fully. Reattach the top of the outdoor unit’s grille with a screwdriver. Connect the breaker to the power supply and switch on the AC after reattaching all elements of the outdoor unit. Check to check sure everything is in functioning order. You don’t want to bend or damage any of the fins when vacuuming, so be careful. After cleaning, hose down the fins carefully to eliminate any remaining dirt.

Final Thoughts

How to clean aircon outdoor unit, That concludes your comprehensive guide on cleaning an AC filter. Keep in mind that air conditioners come in a variety of sizes, models, and brands. Always check the manufacturer’s handbook to be sure you’re cleaning your unit’s filter properly.

Cleaning your air conditioner’s filter on a regular basis can also help to guarantee that your home is properly cooled. In the long term, this might save you money on household expenditures. Cleaning a filter, on the other hand, might take a long time, especially with more sophisticated systems. It’s usually a good idea to hire specialists if your equipment requires time-consuming cleaning and maintenance.

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