One of the most frequent inquiries that air con vendors or technicians are faced is as trusted, “What amount of money should I budget for in order to get a reliable air con that suits my needs?”

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Unfortunately, this question is quite tricky depending on who you are asking as some people may give you an answer that may not entirely suit your needs. There are many factors to consider especially when one is in the market to install a new aircon or service or repair an existing one.

One of the first things an air con technician will look at will be the size of your home or space that you need the air con to be installed in. He will assess the number of doors and windows present in a space and whether you have made any recent energy upgrades in your home.

In case you already have an aircon, the contractor will also look at this as well to assess the need for an upgrade or whether the unit just needs servicing. From here, he will give you a budget to work with either for a new air con installation or air con maintenance or repair.

Which are the common home air conditioning units found in Singapore and what are the differences in each?

Ideally, you should choose an air-conditioning system depending on how large your room is, how many occupants stay there and the weather condition of your locality. According to Singapore’s National Environment Agency, the most commonly found air cons for residential apartments are categorized into four as follows coming types of air con to choose from as follows.

Here are some common types to choose from:-

1. Window Air con or Casement Air con

This type of air cooling system is considered to be the simplest type of air conditioning system. A window air con typically houses in a single unit, all the components of an air con such as the evaporator, cooling coil, compressor, expansion valve and condenser. This type of air con is designed to be placed or installed on a window for maximum effect. It is quite popular in older homes of Singapore’s HDB flats where the design of the walls for these homes allow for the installation of the air con.

2. Portable Air con

As the name suggests, this air con is movable and comes with one internal and one external unit. This air con has an advantage over the window air con as it is not fixed to a window since you can move it from room to room. One disadvantage, however, is that it is noisier than its window air con counterpart and you have to place the air duct near a window to direct the sound outside and to also get the hot air outside as well. It is designed for larger spaces and occupies a very small space.

3. Split- type Air con (Non- inverter)

Considered the most common air con in Singapore, it generally consists of two units- one indoor and another outdoor. The external unit has a compressor and the two units are usually connected via pipes and cables that intermingle with each other to bring about a cooling effect. Its advantage is that it is that is quieter and its aesthetics are appealing to the eye as compared to the window or the portable air con.

4. Cassette Air con (with inverter)

This air con is very similar to a split air con with its main advantage being that it allows you to save on space since it is installed in the ceiling. It distributes conditioned air through two, three or four sides of the unit.

Top 3 Best-Selling Air con Brands and their Models in Singapore

It may be a daunting task to identify and shop for the best aircon model to install in Singapore. There are three top brands that you can choose from with all of them manufactured in Asia. The top selling brands are:-

  1. Panasonic
  2. Mitsubishi
  3. Daikin


Panasonic has proven itself as a market leader in manufacturing inverter air con brands. Their brands are known to be more versatile than other leading brands with their ability to adjust temperature controlThis makes it a favourite of many home users in Singapore.

The downside of this model is that they’re after-sales service and maintenance is wanting. They need to venture all across Singapore and open up more store branches in order t serve more people.


Famed for its capacity to produce inverter air con products and components, Mitsubishi is a brand to reckon with. The air cons are known to possess qualities of reliability, energy-efficiency, smooth operation and energy efficiency. Their designs are contemporary looking and the air cons are eco-friendly.

Due to the high-end brand name that is associated with Mitsubishi, their air cons are considered quite expensive and out of reach to anyone with a tight budget. Also, there is still room for improvement as most consumer reviews tend to think that more needs to be done in terms of research and development to make the units more modern and get the desired market share in Singapore.


Daikin has built its reputation entirely around HVAC equipment for homes and offices and in Singapore, it has emerged the favourite when it comes to the choices of inverter air con brands in the market. Daikin’s after-sales service and a team of professionals makes it stand out as a favourite brand to purchase. They have mastered the Singapore market quite well and can effectively edge-out their competitors in providing a higher range of inverter efficient air con brands.

What are the benefits of aircon maintenance?

Just like you wash your car or take it for service, the same principle applies to air con. Operating costs may run you into the thousands if you do not observe proper care practices. Choosing and buying the right brand will without a doubt save you tones of money when it comes to maintenance.

People living in Singapore are known to frequently rely on air-conditioners due to the high prevailing temperatures. It is therefore important that from the on-set, you choose an air con that will give you value for money or not cause any health hazards during its use. Observe proper hygiene practices from the very beginning to enable you to save costs on maintenance and repairs.

The most common service required for aircon would be on areas of servicing and chemical wash. The need for a chemical wash may be brought about by a malfunctioning air con unit or one that releases foul, stale smells when in operation.

A chemical wash will guarantee that the main essential parts of your air con such as coils, air filters and water trays are properly cleaned out, to prevent mould growth that could severely affect your health and general well-being.

Be sure to get a trained technician, who is certified by Singapore’s National Environmental Agency to undertake any maintenance involving chemical wash. Most companies will offer maintenance packages that may vary from one-time cleaning, annual maintenance or chemical wash. The prices for these services will equally vary per company so be sure to do your research well to get value for money.

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