Purchasing a valuable asset such as an aircon unit in Singapore is one of the important things you will do if you want to enjoy artificially cool temperatures when the weather heats up suddenly.

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Just like having a vehicle and how you routinely take your car to a car wash to be washed, aircon follows the same mantra. Similarly, you also do take your car to a mechanic to get regular service to give you optimal service, performance, and more value for your money.

It is usually considered good practice to have your aircon unit(s) serviced yearly, which can in turn help to keep your unit at peak performance resulting in the maximum amount of comfort from your HVAC system.

With its hot and humid conditions, air-conditioning systems are widely used in Singapore. According to research commissioned by the National Climate Change Secretariat and National Research Foundation, the energy consumed by heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) typically comprises up to 50% of total energy consumption in a building. In Singapore, air-conditioning accounts for up to 40 percent of the electricity bills for the average household, according to a recent study from Singapore’s National Environment Agency.

A considerable amount of health risks dangers that are related to poor air quality can be extraordinarily diminished or wiped out with appropriate aircon servicing and support. Fortunately, most clients can restore lost effectiveness through assistance and support from a well-trained aircon service specialist. With normal support, a cooling unit will keep up to 95 percent of its original proficiency. A unit working at its full limit will keep your home and/or office progressively comfortable making the air cooler in times of high humidity.

How Much Does It Cost Per Year to Service an Aircon?

Most aircon servicing Singapore companies provide low-price maintenance inspections where they not only replace the air filter but also clean the air conditioning unit. Expect to pay between $60 and $100 for servicing.

Also, the most ideal approach to make the aircon unit work like a new machine is by overhauling the cooling. However, why dig further into your pocket to pay for high power bills every month when your aircon isn’t cool enough and you are not deriving value from this asset? The most appropriate answer is to ensure that you regularly service and fix your forced aircon to stem this issue.

There are 6 basic tips that an aircon owner should take into consideration when servicing an air conditioner.

1. Clean the Air Channel and Balance Cleaning

An aircon air channel gathers a large amount of residue and dust during its functionality. Filthy air channels in the aircon system can cause issues like ice development in the aircon compartment or the aircon fails to cool appropriately. During routine aircon servicing, the aircon technician will wash and clean air channels preferably with a vacuum to remove excess dust. The condenser blades are also flushed and properly cleaned for any molds and residue.

2. Aircon Condenser and Evaporator Loop Cleaning

Residue and dirt are the center foes of your air-con framework as they cause overheating of the unit. During air-con servicing, the technician will clean the residue and built-up dust and grime from the condenser loop and evaporator curl, and other key segments of the framework. In a split air con, the condenser loops are in the open-air unit.

3. Aircon Condenser and Evaporator Fan Cleaning

The technicians will have proper tools called fin comb that is used to revive the original condition of these fins to ensure proper airflow to the coils. The aluminum fins are made of delicate thin metal structure which can be easily damaged by hail, debris, or high-pressure power washing.

The technician cleans the residue and molds from the condenser and evaporator fan edges. In a split air con, the condenser fan is found in the exterior. Proper airflow to the evaporator and condenser and coils may be blocked by twisting of the aluminum fins found in the compartment.

If needed, our experts will also provide a chemical wash or overhaul to make sure your aircon internal systems are thoroughly cleaned.

4. Channel Cleaning and Spillage Check

When servicing the unit, the technician will check if the water is leaking or pooling anyplace in the unit. He likewise checks if there is any spillage from the channels and cylinders inside the unit. As he continues to service the unit, he will professionally clean the channel and evacuates any dirt and dirt particles to keep the issue of water spillage from the unit.

5. Coolant Level Check in the Air Conditioner

Checking if the coolant level is in optimal condition in the cooling or evaporator curls is another area that the technician will look at. At the point when the degree of coolant (Freon) is not exactly the required amount, the temperature of the cooling curl drops much underneath the ordinary and your AC will stop cooling as expected.

You can find aircon gas top-up services with us.

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6. Proper Examination of the Air Conditioning Unit

The technician will investigate key segments of the unit like the blower, fan engine, evaporator unit; condenser unit, indoor regulator, and any other areas that he sees are off to thoroughly check for any deficiency. If any issue is found in the parts during servicing of the unit, at that point the technician will recommend a fix or substitution as required.

In Conclusion

The most ideal approach to get the ideal execution out of your AC is to have it serviced routinely by a certified and trained professional. This you can do in the months that do not require regular air-con use or right before the warmer months of the year approach.

There are various kinds of aircon systems that you may consider right at the beginning when you choose one for aircon installation. Each one has its specific prerequisites for support and overhauling all the time. It is recommended that regular maintenance be done every 3 months and thorough service to be done every year.

Regardless of whether you are utilizing a divider-mounted cooling unit or a roof unit; you can get help with the upkeep and adjusting of your unit so it will run appropriately and securely all through.

Before your aircon unit issue gets damaged, it is advisable to regularly service it to forestall breakdowns and different issues over the long run which might end up costing you the money you had not planned for.

In the worst case of breakdowns, you can also find us for aircon repair services.

Additional Information

  • The annual energy consumption rate and cost of air con use in Singapore stand at 27 cents per kWh electricity cost and 8 hours daily usage and 16 hours of standby energy consumption.
  • Air con experts state that air conditioners lose about 5 percent of its general effectiveness consistently it abandons appropriate proficient upkeep. Your air con will pull about 1.5 to 2 kWh per hour.
  • The typical cost of running an aircon for 8 hours costs about $4. Therefore, if your air con lies dormant for 3 years the efficiency decreases by 15%. 
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