There are several things that will affect the price of aircon gas top up. The most important one is the quality and quantity of gas. As you know, there is a difference between R22 and R410A. For example, R22 can be stored at room temperature for long periods of time. Whereas R410A has to be kept cold. If you are going to use R22 for aircon gas top or aircon gas refill up, it should be stored in the fridge or freezer. Otherwise, the gas will be too hot to burn.

The aircon gas refill service packages differ depending on the type of gas you want your unit to be refilled with. These are:

  • R22 Gas Refill: The price range is from $60 to $130
  • R410A Gas Refill: The price range is from $80 to $130

Types of aircon gas top up

– Aircon gas top up with aircon repair Aircon gas top up is one of the most important functions for a room that is cooled by an air-conditioning system. When you run out of the gas that you need to cool your room, you can’t use it anymore. It can make your house very hot and uncomfortable and smelly. It can also damage your aircon system. So, you need to have an idea about how to refill the gas.  There are two types of aircon gas top up or aircon gas refill as given as given below:

1. R22

2. R410A

There are two main types of aircon gas top up; R-22 or more commonly called as Freon used in aircondition, and R410A, also called as Puron. Puron is said to be much more environmentally friendly than Freon, and is the most popular choice for modern AC systems in Singapore.

Which aircon gas refill is best for cooling Puron or Freon?

Aircon gas top up can be done in many ways. You can use the aircon gas top up valve from the existing gas pipe, or you can buy a dedicated aircon gas top up valve. This is usually done by the aircon installer of the puron system. They will install the aircon gas top up valve at the same time as installing the puron system. If you are having problems with your puron system, you can call the service center to fix it. They will be able to help you with any problem that you might have with your puron system.

Aircon gas top up is mainly used to maintain the pressure in the system and also to regulate the temperature. Depending on the model you have, the size of the tank may vary. You should purchase the correct size tank for your Puron unit.

R410A is better than R22 and it’s most commonly used in aircon topping up gas in Singapore. It is said to be that R410A gas is environment friendly and recommended by most of companies worldwide. For aircon gas refill in Singapore call Subcool. Our team will be there right away after receiving the call.

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