Are you looking for verified aircon for office and residential use?

When you’re buying AC, you should know which type of Aircon you want. Should you buy an air-conditioner for office or residential cooling?

Air-Conditioning plays a vital role in electrical appliances at homes in Singapore. Probably, I’m here to encourage as well as guide you to decide whether which Air-conditioner is appropriate for you.

How many Types of Aircon for office and Residential?

Every kind of AC are used for specific purposes and each air-conditioner have different designs, shapes and sizes.

Many types of Aircon are available but the main point is, which is best for residential and private area. In this article, I would like to share my experience about various types of Residential and Office Air conditioners. Active Cool is also providing the best aircon servicing services.

Best Aircon for office and residential use:

  • Window Air-conditioner
  • Wall mounted Air-conditioner
  • Floor Mounted Air-conditioner

1. Window Air-conditioner

As the name suggests, window AC is an alternative good option for cooling less place. This can be cleaned on a daily basis that blowing filters and cool air. Window aircon has good efficiency and reliability.

A window aircon is typically less expensive and it is installed on the room window. This aircon type produces chilled air on the indoor area.


  • Easy to handle
  • Convenient to install
  • Less expensive
  • Reliable unit

2. Wall-Mounted Air-conditioner

Wall mounted Air-conditioner has inside and outside units. Plus, this is one of the most common appliances in air-conditioner types. It is mounted on wall and it is a remote controller. The inside unit is installed beneath the ceiling and the outdoor unit is connected with pipes.


  • Less expensive & long-lasting utilization
  • Cost between $700 to $3000

3. Floor Mounted Air-conditioner

Floor Mounted Air-conditioners are designed to installed few inches higher than the floor. Thus, this can be installed easily and it blows air/heat directly to a person. This aircon type can be used for offices as well as residential use. The outdoor is connected to the indoor unit and it requires some space for effective cooling.


  • Sufficient circulation of cool air
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean
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