Subcool is the leading aircon chemical wash company in Singapore. We have the largest stock of chemicals and equipment for aircon cleaning. Aircon chemical wash is the process to wash and clean your aircon’s internal air ducts and germs-free.

Our company is based in Singapore and we are one of the largest aircon chemical washing companies in Singapore. Our aircon chemical washing service is the best in Singapore. Our aircon chemical washing prices are the most competitive in Singapore. We provide the best service to our customers. We have the best aircon chemical washing equipment and we are one of the top aircon chemical washing companies in Singapore.

Aircon Chemical Wash Price Singapore

1 Unit – $70

2 Units – $140

3 Units – $210

4 Units – $280

5 Units – $350

Chemical Overhaul Service Price

  • Chemical Overhaul (Wall Mounted) – $150 for 1 unit; $120 per unit for 2 units and above
  • Chemical Overhaul (Cassette) – $380-450 per unit

If you want to know any price of different services then u can check them.

Different types of aircon chemical wash in Singapore?

We know that the aircon chemical washing is very important maintenance to our home. And we also know that there are different types of chemical washing that will be used by our aircon.

What are the types of Aircon chemical wash in Singapore?

There are three main types of Aircon chemical washing:

  1. Air Conditioner Simple or Easy Cleaning
  2. Air Conditioner Chemical Wash
  3. Air Conditioning Steam wash or Cleaning

Aircon Chemical Wash Or Cleaning Specialists

Aircon Chemical Wash Subcool is a leading company of aircon purification systems. We have been aircon servicing and installing Aircon Chemical Wash products for many years.

Our range of products includes:

Aircon Cleaners, Air Conditioning Repair & Installation Air Conditioning Maintenance Services We have an extensive range of products and services to ensure that we meet the needs of our clients.

Best Aircon chemical cleaning solutions and disinfectants

Best prices and quality aircon services value in Singapore

Easy booking process

Aircon Chemical Wash Or Aircon Services

The aircon is the most important appliance in our homes. Without it, we will not be able to enjoy comfortable living conditions. A poorly maintained air conditioning system can cause a lot of problems like smelly air and unhealthy air. It is not only uncomfortable but also dangerous. This is why you need to have it regularly checked and cleaned. Why Air Conditioners Need to Be Serviced A well-maintained air conditioner keeps your home cool and comfortable. However, an improperly-working or damaged air conditioner can lead to a number of problems. These include:

  • Partial dismantling of the Aircon unit
  • Inspecting parts for any internal damage to the aircon unit
  • Washing the aircon with chemical solutions
  • Reassembly and final diagnostics

Partial dismantling of the Aircon unit:

We remove all components of the aircon unit one by one carefully to avoid any damage and wash it with chemicals. All components are covered until they dry.

Checking all components for any internal damage to the aircon unit:

After drying the all components of the aircon unit we check for any leakage or damage to your aircon unit. After ensuring that your aircon is safe if any damage is found we suggest the best solution to repair your aircon unit.

Washing the aircon with chemical solutions

Next, Our technician uses a powerful chemical formula or solution to spray all interior parts, flushing out any dirt or blockages. The solution we use is especially effective at binding to and dissolving dirt and germs. After rinsing, we will apply an anti-rust compound to internal metal components to ensure their longevity.

Reassembly and final diagnostics

Lastly, the removable and wall-mounted components will be wiped, dried, and reassembled together. Our technicians will do one final check to see if all systems are working properly and efficiently. Your aircon will now be blowing clean, cool air again.

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