The Pros and Cons of Ductless Aircon Systems

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If you have seen the small wall-mounted devices that cool and heat the indoor air, then you know how a ductless aircon system looks like. But have you any idea how these air conditioners work? Admittedly, living in a hot and humid climate will sooner or later face you with the need to install a

What is the best aircon system for single-room air conditioning? Find out!

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Central aircon systems are undoubtedly an excellent way to cool or heat entire homes. But what happens if you have an unused room or conflicting temperature preferences among your family members? Even though this sounds unlikely, it's quite trivial. What's more, the chances are high that you have to deal with cold and hot spots

Most Common Reasons For Water Leaking From Aircon

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An aircon can be a blessing in the hot and scorching summer seasons. In hot and humid environments, one might not even consider living without an aircon. But sometimes, an aircon might malfunction or indicate that a malfunction is about to occur. One such indication is water leaking from the aircon. When you see water

10 Reasons Why Your Aircon Is Not Cooling Properly

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Having your aircon not cool your home or room properly can seem like a catastrophe especially in very hot and humid weather conditions. You would want to get to the bottom of the problem and fix it as soon as possible so you can enjoy the cool and comfortable indoor atmosphere. There can be several

Factors That Affect the Price of an Aircon Installation & Overall Maintenance

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One of the most frequent inquiries that air con vendors or technicians are faced is as trusted, "What amount of money should I budget for in order to get a reliable air con that suits my needs?” Unfortunately, this question is quite tricky depending on who you are asking as some people may give you

The importance of a chemical wash to your air con

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An aircon chemical wash is the process of cleaning the internal parts of your air con. It is a common practice to ensure that the internal parts of your aircon are clean through routine cleaning, and is best to seek the services of a certified technician to do a thorough chemical wash on your air

Back to Basics: Excellent Tips on air con servicing in Singapore 

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Purchasing a valuable asset such as an aircon unit in Singapore is one of the important things you will do if you want to enjoy artificially cool temperatures when the weather heats up suddenly. Just like having a vehicle and how you routinely take your car to a car wash to be washed, an aircon

Is Your Aircon Unit Emitting A Foul Smell?

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Ordinarily, people have this misguided judgment or they misconstrued that air-conditioning systems are intended to channel awful odours from the air and at the same time keep the earth perfect environment safe. However, this is not usually the case. Air-conditioners are intended to control the air flow and keep the temperature cool in hot days.

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